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Hockey News - NCAA and Hockey Video

By Coach Torsson , 05/28/20, 8:00AM PDT


Recent developments in the hockey world

  1. WSHL discontinued the 2020-2021 season. They will resume 2021-2022.
  2. NCDC/Premiere canceled its annual showcase. Local ID camps and Main camps are next in early July but subject to change.
  3. Phoenix and Santa Barbara have opened rinks officially. Canada (Vancouver) are skating 8 kids at a time at their rinks. With ice cost being very low, this is feasible, in California not so much. I continue to stress the importance to use this time to build strength, agility, shots and stickhandling etc. off ice. Europe is not on the ice right now, they never were in the spring summer and they are better trained at younger ages and their matriculation to professional hockey per capita is much higher. Figure it out, don’t stress, just train. You can actually get ahead of everyone else NOT skating.
  4. High school grading is sometimes optional by the student. We recommend NOT to change to a pass/fail or “credit grade” unless you are failing the class and doing so would help you “pass” the grade.
    1. The NCAA normally looks at a pass grade as a “D” in terms of points towards your NCAA GPA.
    2. Under COVID, you will get 2.3 points for a pass grade (if the class otherwise would have been graded A-D) but will only be applied if your overall NCAA GPA is 2.3 or lower. If your NCAA GPA is above 2.3 (i.e. the minimum GPA requirement for a full qualifier) they will still count the credit but omit the grade points in the GPA calculation (thus the NCAA GPA points can only help you and not bring you down further).
    3. Changing your grade to a Pass/Fail or Credit Grade could have implications for scholaships that are not NCAA related (i.e. academic scholarships etc.) which would mainly implicate D-3 applicants (potentially) later on. So if you have an Honors/AP A – C or Regular A – B, keep the grade. A regular “C” is two points so it would be better to get a Pass 2.3 points or omitted for GPA purposes if your GPA is above 2.3.
    4. Many schools are foregoing the ACT/SAT requirement. This is a general admissions statement. The NCAA will govern your requirements and at this point you don’t have to take them if enrolling next fall. Future decisions may or may not be amended. For now, prepare to take it if enrolling later than 2021.