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USA Hockey Information

By Bears Hockey Update, 06/04/20, 6:00PM PDT


Good Morning Hockey Enthusiasts

Wanted to share some information from USA hockey. Some of this is for the statistical geeks like me who love to figure the world out before it figures itself out. Such conclusions are hard to derive when there are subjective variables such as legal, political and health inputs that are very unpredictable and guesstimates at best.

Pickwick is hopeful to open up the rink on-or-about June 15. It is a hopeful date, not a certain date. Good news is that we have an approved plan to resume by the health department so there will be no further delays (as far as we know) once we are allowed.

Information from Ken Martel (USA Hockey) below and attached.


Thanks for taking the time today! As a follow-up to the call, I have attached 2 research internal reports that are looking at player proximity data from physical distancing standpoint. We currently have additional work being done on various practice/game formats. Keep in mind that the <2 meter proximity report used data from 60 minute professional games and accounted for all time on ice (face-offs, players milling around, etc.). We know we can minimize time spent in contact within the kids game. As I state on the call, this has helped influence several states Governors Youth Sport Return to Play committees in showing that hockey is not what they previously thought. It’s a positive step with more data to come.

From a CEP perspective, I spoke to Flint Dougnchak and he will be posting today, level 2 and 3 virtual clinics for early next week to start making these available to people ASAP. Each clinic will be done over several days (2.5 hour blocks). There will also be a temp card available this year for returning coaches due to the Covid-19 situation. Details on that will be coming shortly. We recognize that the current situation is unique and want to be as accommodating as possible.

From what we are seeing around the country, as hockey is opening up, the initial stages have required small group activities at phase 1. Below are some potential examples of on ice activities that do meet the physical distancing requirements and in some examples provide some level of interaction. Isolated technique drills are only interesting for a limited amount of time!

The encouraging news around the country is that hockey is coming back and with responsible precautions, we expect to have a 2020-21 season!

I will check on the other questions the group had and follow-up.

Next call will be July 7th at 11:00 am PT.