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COVID-19 8/29/2021 UPDATE

By Bears Hockey Club, 08/29/21, 3:00PM PDT


COVID-19 UPDATE 8/29/2021

Hello Bears’ Families,

Per our previous email, The Los Angeles County Department of Public Health has changed its requirements.  Beginning September 1, all players are now required to complete a COVID-19 Test at a minimum of once per week.   The negative test requirement within 48 hours of any inter-team competition has been changed to 72 hours.  Also, all players, coaches, and spectators must wear masks, including players and coaches on the ice.  This requirement applies regardless of vaccination status and has not changed.

The Club is in the process of trying to make available free weekly testing at Pickwick for all players/coaches.  We are hoping to have this in place commencing Thursday 9/9/21.  In the interim, there are still many free testing options available throughout LA county (see link below). 

The Club will be following the LA county requirements and we have assigned Board member Stephanie Rivera ( to manage the ongoing COVID-19 protocols.  The LA county requirements are continually changing (they have changed three times in the last week) so we will continue to try our best to adapt/adjust as quickly as possible.  If any player/coach/parent tests positive for COVID-19, please contact Stephanie Rivera or your team manager as soon as possible.  The Club will then notify all those impacted/exposed and commence with the appropriate steps.

The Club President had a meeting with all the team managers last Friday.  The team managers will be assisting in collecting/aggregating the COVID-19 test results, assisting with the Club protocols and disseminating important information.  Please remember the team managers are volunteers and were gracious enough the help with this process.  If you have any concerns with any of the policies/procedures, please direct those concerns to Stephanie Rivera or another Bears’ Board member.       

The Club has already had a few players test positive and had to cancel team practices.  Under the LA county requirements and CDC guidelines, players who have been fully vaccinated have the ability to return to the ice significantly quicker than those who have not been vaccinated.  We encourage all eligible players to get vaccinated and all players/coaches/parents to continue to take all the recommended safety procedures to help minimize future cancelations.

We will continue to send updates regarding available testing at Pickwick and LA county requirement changes.  Thank you for your patience and continued understanding. 

Go Bears!